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Spring Season Brings Termites Along With Great Weather

Posted in Blog on March 26th, 2015 by Nicholas Sang

Spring season is here and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief as this past winter season has been brutal to the east coast. Along with the warmer weather, the spring season carries some unwanted pests that may wreak havoc on your home and cause costly damage, namely termites so include a termite inspection in your spring cleaning plans.

Termites thrive in the warm weather and are always seeking food and if you are unlucky your home may be on the menu. They’re attracted to moist areas and can form colonies up to 1 million in size that will cause significant damage to your structure as these worker termites chew the wood and takes it back to their queen that in turn feeds the colony. Avoid stockpiling large quantities of fire wood, keep an eye out for wood rot around your house and keep an eye out for insect wings when you get home in the evening as this is an early detection of possible infestation. Even though an infestation would be a disaster to a homeowner, most home insurance companies don’t cover termite damage.

Contact MD Mold Testing today to conduct a termite inspection on your home to ensure your home is and remains termite free.