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We are a full service home inspection business with over 25 years of hands on inspection experience, same day service 7 days a week 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily. We service Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware. Our inspectors are licensed, certified, and experienced so you can expect nothing but professional service.

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Mold Testing

Mold is present in just about any environment that you think of and the effects of a mold infestation in your home can range from mildly irritating to serious health issues.

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Asbestos Testing

While it is commonly known as a dangerous building material, asbestos is still present in many older homes and exposure to airborne fibers can cause respiratory issues.

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Indoor Air Quality

Aside from radon, asbestos, and mold, there are many other factors that can compromise indoor air quality such as: dust, pet dander, and rodent/insect droppings.


Indoor Air Quality Health Risks

You often hear about the dangers to our environment and health from outdoor pollutants such as carbon monoxide, lead, ozone, and sulfur but little is mentioned about the condition of the air inside our homes. Even in today’s fast paced society, we still spend a great a deal of time at our homes and poor indoor air quality can pose serious health risks over time.

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