A Walk and Talk Home Inspection are conducted when both the buyer and the inspector go through the house together. During this visit, the inspector is conducting a visual inspection of the property to assess the integrity of the structure. The difference between a regular 4. home inspection or any other home inspection is that a Walk and Talk inspection will not yield any official documents that you can present to the lender or the insurance company. This inspection is a verbal one to help the buyer and the seller understand the state of the property.

Is Walk and Talk Home Inspection Right For Me?

If you are a buyer and would like to better understand what major expenses may come up, then this is a good option for you. It’s also a good option for those buyers who don’t want to make an offer prior to having a full picture of what may be wrong with the house. This allows buyers to not overpay should there be issues that the seller does not want to fix. Some major problems that would significantly reduce the price of the house are:

  • HVAC systems
  • Roof
  • Structural damages

Additionally, this is a good option for sellers when pricing their property to properly understand what needs to be fixed in order to get the most money out of their homes.

How Much is the Walk and Talk Home Inspection and How Long Does it Take?

The time it takes and the cost of the inspection depend on the size of the property but it is generally significantly less than a regular inspection. MD MoldTesting Walk and Talk home inspection takes about an hour at most.

We will do the inspection with you and will explain what in our opinion may need to be fixed or replaced. Please call for pricing.

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