What are Termites?

Termites are social insects that live collectively in colonies similar to ants and bees. Termites are found not only in Maryland, but every other state in America except for Alaska. Termite colonies can reach numbers of up to a few million which includes: soldiers, workers, nymphs, reproductive termites, and at least one queen. While they do play a major role in many ecological systems around the world due to natural recycling but most human interaction with termites aren’t positive due to their behavior, diet, and reproductive abilities. It is estimated that there are over 4,000 species of termites but only a fraction of those species are considered pests to humans. Termites usually enter homes seeking a water source and eventually end up establishing a colony.

Why Termites Are Serious Pests

The Diet of a Termite

Termite DamageTermites primarily rely on cellulose as their source of energy and they primarily get it from wood, plant fibers, animal feces, or soil. Most of the homes we live in provide an ample supply of cellulose for termites to thrive on. Termites can destroy wooden furniture, cloth, foundations, bookshelves, paper, and carpet.

Strength In Numbers

Termite QueenColonies can reach numbers well into the millions and this is due to the fact that termites are voracious reproducers. Actually, it is the termite queen and the termite king that are some of the most reproductive species known. The king partners with the termite queen for life and she has the ability to lay up to 30,000 eggs per day (that’s 10 million eggs per year). That number is already staggering but it gets mind blowing when you consider that a queen can live for a half century. That means that a healthy queen can lay up 500 million eggs over the course of her life!

How To Prevent Termites

Termites usually enter homes because they are seeking a water source. Any leaking pipes, faucets, and air conditioning lines can act like a giant welcome sign for termites. Seal off any potential entry points by water lines and repair any water leaks. Make sure that your roof is free of any standing water and check your gutters for any blockages that could cause water to collect.

Eliminating food for termites goes a long way in prevention. If your home has a crawl space, remove any wood, cloth, or paper from the area. Inspect your wooden deck or patio for damage and try to avoid contact with the wood from your home with the soil. Screen off exterior vents and clear any stumps or unnecessary debris away from the home.

Termite Inspections in Maryland

Due to the fact that termites feed on wood and the queen is an egg laying machine, a termite infestation can become a serious problem. Damage caused by termites can total up to several hundred thousand dollars in a very short time. Contact us for professional termite inspections in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C before it’s too late. Our certified inspectors have the training, experience, and equipment to detect a termite presence.

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