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4 Summer Tips to Prevent Mold in the Home

Posted in Blog | Mold Inspection | Tips on June 15th, 2018 by Hunter Adams

Summer means warm weather and sunshine, but this season can also introduce high humidity and excess moisture. Worried about moisture turning into mold? Try these four tips to prevent mold in your home this summer. Limit Indoor Moisture Mold thrives in moist, dark environments, so the simplest thing you can do to prevent mold is Read More »

3 Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Maryland Home

Posted in Blog | Mold Inspection | Tips on October 15th, 2017 by Hunter Adams

Mold is a fungus that can be beneficial, but in your home, is terrifying. While some types of mold make penicillin, the mold caused by excess moisture is scary and unhealthy when it invades your Maryland home. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it before it happens. By following a few simple tips, you can Read More »

4 Reasons to Have Your Water Tested

Posted in Blog | Tips | Water Testing on May 9th, 2017 by Hunter Adams

You should never take it for granted that the water in your home is high quality. Contaminated water can lead to problems that affect your health and safety. Consider the following reasons you should have your water tested. To Protect Your Health This is the most important reason you should get your water tested. Water Read More »

How to Sell a Home With Asbestos

Posted in 203K Consulting | Asbestos Testing | Blog | Tips on October 27th, 2016 by Hunter Adams

Mentioning to a potential buyer that there is asbestos in the house isn’t going to make the sale any easier. Asbestos used to be viewed as a wonder material with plenty of advantages, but now it has become a hazardous material that’s being phased out of all building materials. The seller’s property disclosure report is Read More »

Home Improvement Tips for the Fall

Posted in Blog | Tips on September 19th, 2016 by Ian Stevens

Interested in improving your home this fall? Once the summer fun is over it’s time to look forward to the winter season, and preparing your home during the fall season is the best way to do that. Here is a list of home improvement tips for the fall: Remove leaves: To avoid a big mess Read More »

Stop Mold Before It Starts In 3 Simple Steps

Posted in Blog | Tips on February 5th, 2014 by Hunter Adams

When it comes to your home, mold is never a good thing. Mold prevention is easy enough if you know how to avoid the pitfalls before they become a problem, though. How To Say Sayonara To Mold Before It Stakes Its Claim 1. Scope Out Possible Trouble Areas Moisture control plays a big role in making Read More »

Home Buyer Tips: How To Spot Mold

Posted in Mold Inspection | Tips on November 11th, 2013 by Hunter Adams

There are a few things shoppers should never take a seller’s word for; not necessarily because the seller is dishonest, but because they might not know about the problem.  Such is the case with mold growth, which goes undetected in many American homes. These spores not only spread rapidly, they also cannot be completely eradicated. Read More »