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The Importance of Asbestos Testing (Maryland Services, Common Health Problems, and More!)

Posted in Blog on November 5th, 2019 by Ian Stevens

Asbestos Testing Services in Maryland

For centuries, builders and manufacturers have used asbestos in buildings, vehicles, and even textiles, as this material has natural insulation properties. Since the late 20th century, however, asbestos has fallen out of favor because researchers have drawn connections between this material and cancer. MD Mold Testing can provide EPA-certified asbestos testing services and help you determine whether you need to take action.

Find out more about the importance of testing for asbestos and how asbestos exposure is linked to cancer.

The Importance Of Asbestos Assessment

Asbestos is a type of mineral than contains very small fibers. Because the fibers resist heat, and because they do not conduct electricity, asbestos was mined and widely used in construction and many industries for years. In the decades during and after World War II, many homes, schools, and commercial buildings used asbestos for insulation and fireproofing.

The danger results from breathing in the tiny fibers. This is easier to do than people realize. All it requires is for asbestos to be disturbed in some way, which releases tiny pieces of the fibers into the air.

Once breathed in, the fibers can become stuck in the lungs and remain there for many years. Over time, they accumulate and become numerous. This results in many serious health problems.

The Purpose Of A Home Asbestos Inspector In Maryland

A home asbestos inspector will test the air for traces of asbestos fibers and will also identify potential contaminating sources, such as older insulation. It is important to remove asbestos from the interior air because exposure can lead to serious health problems, including certain types of cancer.

Because asbestos was common in many industrial processes, workers have been at particular risk of breathing in the fibers, and they also bring those fibers home on clothing and create risks for family members. The longer a person is exposed, the greater the risk.

Although asbestos still has certain industrial uses, it has become much less common than it was in former decades. In older buildings, homes, and factories, it remains a prevalent risk, and property owners should bring in a home asbestos inspector to make sure the air is safe to breathe.

Because the onset of asbestos-related health problems can take years, there might not be any symptoms even when the fibers are present in the air. The only way to be sure is with a thorough home asbestos inspection.

If you live in Maryland, Washington D.C, or northern Virginia, contact MD Mold Testing for a complete inspection. We have years of experience testing for asbestos and we know exactly what to look for during home and commercial property inspections.

Common Health Problems

Asbestos - Cancers and Dangers

Some common health problems resulting from asbestos include asbestosis, which is an inflammation in the lungs that makes it hard to breathe and causes scar tissue, as well as mesothelioma, a cancer that affects the lining in the lungs or chest cavity. Mesothelioma has the longest onset time and can show up 30 years or more after initial exposure.

Other health problems related to asbestos include fluid gathering in the chest cavity, thickening of membranes around the lungs, as well as many other forms of cancer. In fact, the full range of health risks is not yet fully understood by scientists.

Asbestos causes lung cancer and has also been linked to other kinds of cancer, including throat, brain, bladder, and kidney cancer.

Unfortunately, these cancers can take more than a decade to develop, so in many instances, people aren’t even aware when they have been exposed until much later. In some cases, mesothelioma doesn’t show up until decades later. Some common symptoms for those who have been exposed include persistent coughing and chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, and hoarseness.

Asbestos Testing Services in Maryland

If there is any chance that a home or building was constructed with asbestos materials, it is important to deal with it as soon as possible. MD Mold Testing provides reliable asbestos testing and environmental testing services. For quick and affordable asbestos assessment, contact us today at 301-355-2714.