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Water Filters Types To Choose From

Posted in Blog | Water Testing on February 15th, 2017 by Hunter Adams

Your tap water contains a number of chemicals such as volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and endocrine disrupting chemicals. It’s important to have your water tested especially when you’re purchasing a new home. These unwanted chemicals can also be removed using a water filter, and here are the different types of water filters to choose:

  • Pitcher water filters: Granulated Activated Charcoal is used to get rid of unwanted chemicals. These type of filter setups require a lot of refilling, but the positive is the inexpensive price. They remove chlorine very well, however other chemicals such as volatile organic ones will still be present.
  • Reverse osmosis: unwanted chemicals are removed from the water via a membrane. This type of setup is typically paired with a Granulated Activated Charcoal so that fluoride can also be removed. The overall process does a good job of removing chemicals, but it also blocks a lot of the water.
  • Distilled water: this is a process where water is heated and turned into steam, and in effect, removes any of the unwanted chemicals. One of the negatives of this setup is that endocrine disruptors are not removed. Overall, this option is better than bottled water, but even better options are available.
  • Solid block carbon filters: the EPA has determined that solid block carbon filters are the best method of removing contaminants from water. The positives are the inexpensive price, not needing to replace filters too often, and water that tastes very good. On the downside, a relatively large amount of counter space is required to house these.