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The Need For Home Radon Testing In Maryland To Ensure A Safe Home

Posted in Blog | Radon Testing on February 10th, 2014 by Hunter Adams

Studies estimate that 1 out of every 15 homes in the United States contains a dangerous amount of radon gas. This is an invisible, radioactive gas that seeps up from the ground and contributes to more than 21,000 deaths each year. Clearly, it is a major problem that homeowners need to address.

MD Mold Testing in Maryland can provide thorough home radon testing and indoor air quality test. Instead of wondering and worrying, we give homeowners the peace of mind of knowing for sure if their indoor air is safe to breath. We offer same-day service, so Call Us At 301-717-1454 Today!

The Risks Of Radon And The Importance Of An Indoor Air Quality Test In Maryland

The primary risk associated with radon is an increased chance of lung cancer. In fact, it is one of the major causes of lung cancer, second only to smoking.

Deaths caused by radon are entirely preventable, but homeowners must take steps to make sure their indoor air quality is safe. There is no reason to live with a high radon level when the problem is so easily resolved. Home radon testing is simple and effective.

Radon gas exists in every single state, though the levels are higher in some places than others. For example, radon levels tend to be higher in the Northeast. However, no one should assume that their home is not at risk just because they’re not in a particularly dangerous area.

The problem is that radon produces no odor and has no color, so there is no way for homeowners to detect its presence without testing. Without realizing it, residents in the home might be subjected to increasing risk of cancer over the years.

If we detect high levels of radon in the home, there are certain steps that can reduce or eliminate it entirely. For example, a suction system can pull the gas outside and away from the house. Changes in ventilation and sealing of cracks in the foundations can help, as well.

Besides radon, an indoor air quality test can also identify dangerous contaminants that might affect health. MD Mold Testing in Maryland provides a range of services from radon testing to soil and water assessment.

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