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How to Deal With Asbestos in Your Home

Posted in Asbestos Testing | Blog on April 18th, 2017 by Hunter Adams

Asbestos was once a popular building material for its fireproof and insulating properties. However, when officials learned of health concerns associated with the product, its usage was phased out. Still, most homes built in the United States before 1978 contain asbestos. So what should you do if you find it in your home?

Don’t Touch It

If you suspect asbestos in your home, you’re best giving it a wide berth. Don’t touch it or get too close to it. If the material is inside a room, close the door, and make sure the other members of your household don’t enter. If you can’t close off the area, make sure you don’t disturb the asbestos. Keep activities around the asbestos to a minimum. Don’t sweep or dust around the suspected asbestos, because this could release particles lying on the floor into the atmosphere.

Get it Tested

The first step is confirming you have asbestos in your home and whether it is harmful. When asbestos is in good condition, it can remain in your home without any problems. In fact, disturbing it can be dangerous. However, if you have flaking or crumbling asbestos, its particles can become airborne and cause serious respiratory damage if inhaled. Professionals who perform environmental testing, such as mold testing, often perform asbestos testing, as well.

Have a Professional Remove It

Removing asbestos is not a job for amateurs. The United States Environmental Protection Agency lists accredited asbestos professionals in every state that are trained to handle and remove asbestos in your home.

While asbestos is associated with asbestosis, mesothelioma, and a host of other chronic diseases, you shouldn’t panic if you suspect it’s in your home. Instead, call MD Mold Testing and have our team of professionals confirm whether your home has asbestos, so it can be removed promptly.