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Where the Cost of Your Home Inspection Goes

Posted in Blog | Home Inspection Services on March 21st, 2017 by Hunter Adams

Ever wondered where the fee for a home inspection actually goes? A home inspection is a very powerful tool that’s available to every homeowner and potential buyers to find out the state of a home in-depth. Here is a list of items the fee goes towards during the home inspection:

  • Equipment and tools: the inspector will need a number of tools such as a ladder, flashlight, screwdriver, an electrical tester, mold test kit, asbestos test kit and so on. This equipment can be expensive and cannot be compromised on because they ensure an in-depth home inspection is completed.
  • Experience and education of the inspector: the inspector coming to carry out the home inspection must pay money to get an education to be certified as a professional. Also, they must keep up to date with the latest methods of home inspection to stay competitive and fully certified.
  • Lab analysis: sometimes samples might have to get sent over to a lab for further inspection. The equipment and expertise required to complete these tasks must be paid for. They are well worth it as test results can reveal a lot about the home in question.