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How Bathroom Ventilators Can Help Avoid Mold And Moisture

Posted in Blog | Indoor Air Quality | Mold Inspection on June 12th, 2016 by Ian Stevens

How Bathroom Ventilators Can Help Avoid Mold And Moisture

Poor ventilation in your bathroom will inevitably lead to mold and moisture-related problems that can be costly to repair. Additionally, too much mold can be hazardous to the health of the household members. So opting for a bathroom ventilator is a no-brainer and figuring out the correct setup can be achieved by considering the following points:

  • Vent Outdoors: A lot of homes have been built where ventilation forces the air into the attic, but that’s not the best option because it transfers the mold problem to another part of the house. By selecting a fan setup where air is forced outdoors you’ll immediately be removing the moisture.

  • Bath Or Remote Fan: The bath fan is fitted in the bathroom and via a duct will remove the moisture into the outdoors. The remote fan sucks up air via vents into the attic and then discharges it outdoors. The bath fan setup is a simpler one, but the advantage of the remote fan is that it makes less noise and is compatible with multiple/larger bathrooms.

  • Fan Must Match Size Of The Bathroom: Proper ventilation can only occur if the effectiveness of the fan is inline with the size of the bathroom. Look at the specifications of the fan before buying to assess their compatibility in your home.