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Asbestos is Still Present in a Large Number of Buildings

Posted in Asbestos Testing | Blog on November 28th, 2016 by Hunter Adams

It is no secret that asbestos has a negative effect on health – this was found to be true many years ago. However, there is still a relatively large number of asbestos containing buildings, which includes many public schools.

Asbestos is not actually illegal because it is safe as long as the asbestos is securely contained within the building. When asbestos was used as a construction material it was mainly used as a fireproofing and insulation material. You’ll find asbestos in plumbing insulation, window caulking, fireplaces, appliances, furnaces, roofs, and floor tiles.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says: “Asbestos that is in good condition and left undisturbed is unlikely to present a health risk.The risks from asbestos occur when it is damaged or disturbed where asbestos fibers become airborne and can be inhaled. Managing asbestos in place and maintaining it in good repair is often the best approach.”

It’s estimated that it would cost $663,300 to remove all the asbestos from district buildings and public schools. Asbestos inspections are carried out every 3 years to check out the security of asbestos containing materials among other things. Need assistance with getting your home or business checked out, we’re here to help!


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