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3 Times You Should Have Your Home Water Inspected

Posted in Blog | Water Testing on April 11th, 2014 by Hunter Adams

When buying a new home, there are many different factors to consider. One feature that many people overlook before the purchase completes is the water system. Of course, water and piping isn’t always hazardous or contaminated, but failing to maintain that system can lead to expensive repairs.

Consider scheduling a water inspection if:

1. The Home Is Old

Houses that were built before 1986 may contain lead pipes, and if no reconstruction or replacement has been done, it’s possible that some of the lead may contaminate the water. Have your home pipes checked and your water investigated for lead levels. Lead-contaminated water can affect the health of all building inhabitants.

2. The Water Looks Odd

Water can actually have varying degrees of hardness and softness. In some cases, water softeners are necessary. Having water tested for mineral levels will help determine the ideal softener.

3. The Water Tastes Odd

Depending on where your home water comes from, it may have a different smell or taste. If it has an unusual quality about it, you may look into having the water tested. A variety of tests can be done to check for hydrogen sulfide, pH measures, iron, lead and bacteria levels. If your home has a separate filtration system, testing can also be done to ensure maintenance and quality of the equipment.

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