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3 Steps To Protect Your Home From Termite Infestation

Posted in Blog | Termite Inspections on March 11th, 2014 by Hunter Adams

Termites are vital in nature, but have no use in your home, so making sure to protect your investment from the tiny terrors is important. If termites move in to munch on your home, significant damage can be done to the structure of your house and to your wallet when it comes time to pay for repairs. Keep termites at bay by following these three steps:

1.       Prevention

Sections of your house where wood comes into contact with the ground, are perfect entry points for termites. Try to eliminate these areas. Porches and stairs are common areas where this problem can be located. Treat wood with a pesticide that will penetrate wood and kill any wood-loving bugs that might try to infiltrate. Also keeping piles of wood or branches away from your home is helpful in ensuring that termites stay far away.

2.       Identification

If you suspect that you already have a case of termites in your home, it is vital that you have a home inspection done immediately. Putting a stop to damage as soon as possible is critical and confirming whether your home has termites or another problem altogether is a necessary step.

3.       Elimination

Once a termite infestation is confirmed, getting rid of the problem is priority number one.  You can either try to kill them yourself with barrier treatments and bait stations or you can hire a professional company who will send workers to help terminate your termite problem completely.

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