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3 Common Areas For Mold Contamination In Your Home

Posted in Blog on February 12th, 2014 by Hunter Adams

Mold can grow anywhere moisture is present. Often, this means that certain rooms and materials in your home create a suitable breeding ground for mold spores.

Where Mold Might Be Hiding Around Your House

1. The Kitchen

Mold growth around your food is the last thing that you want, but the kitchen is a very popular location for mold growth. Make sure to check for leaks under the kitchen sink, and around the refrigerator and dishwasher, and to clean the refrigerator drip pans when necessary.

2. The Bathroom

Leaks from the bathtub or shower can cause mold to grown underneath the flooring, causing mold and structural damage. Damp rugs and abandoned towels can also foster good conditions for mold.

3. The Basement Or Crawl Space

Underground areas are known for being dark and damp. To help prevent mold generation, make sure that the space is well ventilated and that gutters are directing water away from the house rather than toward the house. This could cause major damage if there are leaks in the walls or floor, so repairing any gutters problems and leaks is vital in mold prevention.

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