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10 Potential Sources Of VOCs In Your Home—And Why Air Testing In Maryland Is So Important

Posted in Blog | Indoor Air Quality Inspection | VOC Testing on April 30th, 2014 by Hunter Adams

Most homeowners are aware of the obvious dangers that could be lurking in their homes just out of sight, like mold, lead and asbestos. What about volatile organic compounds, though?

Testing the air quality in a brand new home may not seem all that necessary, but VOCs are present in many substances that can compromise the air, as well as the health of those living in the house. At MD Mold Testing, we perform air testing in Maryland and the surrounding states, so your family can have peace of mind.

Call us today at 301-717-1454 if you’re worried about the air in your home, and read on for 10 potential sources of VOCs in your home. We also perform Maryland home asbestos inspection, as well as radon, lead and environmental testing.

1.  Household Cleaners 

Bathroom and kitchen cleaners, as well as furniture polish, laundry detergent and window cleaners all contain VOCs, which can irritate many people’s respiratory tracts.

2. Personal Care Products 

Everything from hairspray and cologne to perfume and nail polish can contain VOCs and may even ignite asthma symptoms in some people.

3. Engineered Wood Products 

Plywood, particleboard and fiberboard can all release VOCs into the air in your home. 

4. Countertops 

You don’t have to invest in granite countertops to avoid VOCs, but beware of the cheaper countertops that may disintegrate over time. 

5. Cabinets 

Several different kinds of cabinets can release VOCs into the air. 

6. Air Fresheners 

Air fresheners may make your home smell better, but they may not necessarily make it any safer for those inside it. 

7. Mattresses 

If you’ve ever noticed a strong odor after opening a new mattress, that may have been VOCs.

8. Carpeting 

New carpeting is especially prone to releasing VOCs into the air.

9. Paint and Paint Stripper 

If you’re ever painting inside, be sure to turn on a few fans and open any nearby windows, so the room will be well ventilated. 

10. Fuel 

Both oil and gasoline can release VOCs into your home and garage.

Don’t Forget Maryland Home Asbestos Inspection 

Just because you have these items in your home doesn’t mean there are VOCs present. However, it’s something that’s worth keeping in mind.

At MD Mold Testing, we don’t just perform air testing in Maryland. If you think that your home might have lead or radon in it, or if you’d like us to perform a Maryland home asbestos inspection, call us today at 301-717-1454, and ask about our same day service.